As Yogis, it is our nature to learn.  The best way to learn, not just postures, but touch the other limbs of Yoga, is to set aside time for a private under a teacher who vibes with you.   I feel my dharma (path) is to keep the tradition of Yoga alive and pass it down to others; doing it in a fashion that feels true to me.  I have found the beauty in studying under a single teacher for a few years; it deepened my practice in ways I never thought possible.  And, the things I learned, were not necessarily taught by my teacher, they brought it out of me.  

It is with this intention, I am providing private and small group sessions available:

Vinyasa (all levels)
Restorative Yoga
Pre-natal Yoga
Yoga for Fertility

Invest in Your Self

Investing in Self discovery is key.  When you invest in your Self, you are sharing Love with the rest of the world; it is a trickle effect.  You will better the lives of everyone and thing around you.  

A single private is $100 per hour.  Packages are available at four 1-hour privates for  $350 (a $50 savings!), eight 1-hour privates for $675 (a $125 savings!).