I took my first Yoga class with my aunt and her friends as a teenager, in a Lawrenceville school basement.  As an adult, I found myself stuck on the corporate hamster wheel and I reflected back on the only two things which were consistent the majority of my life: Yoga and art.  I practiced Yoga for years to curb anxieties and depression, but it was not until I let go of the outcome that the practice took off!  From that point on, I worked to use art to release emotions and Yoga to deepen my awareness of the Self and everyone and thing around me. The rest is history. 

With Yoga, I love that first and foremost, you are always a student, always learning and discovering, and becoming more connected to everything and one around you.  I am honored to be able to share what I have learned from my teachers onto others.  - Gina Gilligo



ERYT-200 (Nicki Spataco)
RPYT (Leslie Hadley)
RYT-500 Ashtanga Vinyasa Tradition (John & Diana Vitarelli)
Yoga for Fertility Certified (Leslie Hadley)
Restorative Yoga Certified (Gisele Mogan)
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certified (Transformation Yoga Project)